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This website and the accompanying report are the products of a research project on Competency Model Development and Application to Meet Water Utility Workforce Needs conducted on behalf of the Water Research Foundation (Foundation Project No 4244.).

This website allows a user to:

  • Review and download the competency models developed by this work for 12 mission critical positions in the water field.
  • Learn how to adapt these models to positions in their utilities.
  • Learn how to develop new models.
  • Understand terms used in competency models by using the Glossary.
  • Access guidance documents that contain methodology for using, adapting and creating new models.
  • Link to external reference documents to learn more about these tools.

Key features of our project approach:

  • Systematic, data-based approach, drawing on job analysis methodology to understand effective performance.
  • Also investigates what is needed for superior performance.
  • Competency models have separate sections for technical and non-technical competencies.
  • Each model highlights a small number of non-technical competencies.
  • Number of competencies in each model is limited by separating out competencies already developed by most jobholders before entry into the job.
  • Detailed behavioral descriptions of competencies.

This website was developed by Environmental Engineering and TechnologyInc., as a part of a Water Research Foundation (Foundation) project. The Foundation nor Environmental Engineering and Technology assume responsibility for the content of the research study reported in this web tool or for the opinions or statements expressed in the tool. This tool is presented solely for informational purposes. Neither Environmental Engineering and Technology nor the Foundation are providing any technical support for the tool.